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Central PA's new (and only) moving tote delivery option. We deliver. You move. We pick up.

What is Green Box Company?

We rent you reusable totes to use for moving, and offer the added convenience of free pickup and delivery on qualifying orders! Simply determine how many moving totes you will need, place your order, and the totes arrive on your scheduled day. You keep the totes for a week (or more if needed) and when your move is done, we pick the moving totes back up at your new home or location. It is just that easy!

Rent your moving totes with us and help save our planet!

Why Green Box?


Our standard rental periods are seven calendar days (2-3 weeks for commercial moves).  If you are enjoying the convenience of storing your items in our great totes and need more time to unpack, no problem, we offer extended rental periods to ensure you can unpack on your schedule.  


850 million tons of cardboard are thrown away in the United States annually, the equivalent of roughly 1.4 million trees. The Green Box Company, LLC is offering an environmentally conscious solution to this problem when moving - using "green" totes that can be used over and over again eliminating your cardboard waste when moving!


You are ready to move, but now comes the tough part, packing. You first have to get moving boxes and tape. Once purchased, you put them together and start packing, only to realize the cardboard boxes aren't that sturdy or easy to carry. Move complete? Now you break down those boxes you already spent time assembling, and find a place to store them or wait until the next trash day. Stop! We will take the stress out of your move!

Free pickup and delivery on qualifying orders!

We offer the added convenience of free pickup and delivery on qualifying orders. To further The Green Box Company, LLC's dedication to environmentally conscious solutions, your moving totes are delivered in an all-electric van, reducing the carbon footprint of our business.


Now imagine the difference.

A few days before your move, our electric van arrives to deliver your totes. Each moving tote is ruggedly designed and manufactured (in the U.S.A.) to hold up to 100 lbs. You pack, securely stack your totes on top of the included dollies, and off you go. Once your move is complete, you can stack your totes (they nest when stacked and take up very little room) and let us know you are ready to have them picked up. That's it! The Green Box Company, LLC removes the headache and you can feel good that you've done your part to limit cardboard waste!

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The Green Box Company, LLC

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